My Recovery Package


Accommodation and food services for post-surgery recovery or treatment.

Special attention with maximum privacy. Discretion and comfort in a healthy environment that encourages relaxation and promotes the best results.

We offer the following services:

  • Early Check In
  • Transportation service from the hospital to My Suites
  • Private access to the hotel for a discreet Check In and Check Out
  • Patient companionship service - Your choice: 12/18/24 hs
  • Room fitted with ice, pillows and extra towels
  • Breakfast in the room for the patient and a companion / nurse (no extra cost)
  • Meals served in the privacy of the room. Kitchen is trained for an appropriate diet
  • Check out in the privacy of your room
  • Late check out free of charge until 14 hours

We invite you to enjoy some of the services that our guests receive. Coordinate a visit for wine tastings or breakfast, so you can check the comfort of our facilities and provide you more details about our services.

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