Pocitos: Elegance and tradition

It is the leading residential area of Montevideo, chosen by the middle and upper classes. It is the most densely populated neighborhood of the Uruguayan capital. The stretch of the waterfront promenade along the beach “Pocitos” is in constant movement and is ideal for hiking, running and biking. The beach is suitable for sports activities and swimming.

The historical origin of the name "Pocitos" dates back to the early nineteenth century. Originally it was a village outside the city of Montevideo where women came to wash the clothes at the beach which was appreciated for its clear waters and white sand. In order to wash the clothes they dug holes on the seashore , therein the name “Pocitos” which means little holes in the water. Later on Pocitos became integrated into the city.

Its architectural profile is dominated by residential buildings from 10 to 15 floors parallel to the edge of the promenade. The side streets are charming and leafy mixed in with eclectic building styles, squares and parks. It has a wide range of shops and services.

The area Pocitos-Punta Carretas has the best choices of restaurants, including international flavors like Mexican, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and local barbecues and seafood.

It is near two major shopping centers in addition to many shops and businesses offering a number of international brand names.



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A privileged place

My Suites Boutique Hotel & Wine Bar is located very close to the waterfront promenade and the beach of Pocitos, a few minutes from downtown Montevideo in a neighborhood of the city characterized by its commercial movement, variety of dining options and financial services. It is a safe and illuminated area with quick access routes where you can walk to the promenade, a restaurant, a shopping center or the nearby Villa Biarritz Park.

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